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In the fall of 1948 the ZERO Press was established in Paris by G. P. Solomos (aka Themistocles Hoetis) and Asa Benveniste, two ex-G.I. Americans. (continue...)

ZERO Press

In 1998 the ZERO Press celebrated 50 years of publishing - from Paris, Tangier, Mexico City, New York, London, Philadelphia and Dublin. Check out the INDEX as well as the NEW BOOKS.

MAGAZINES: ZERO (A Review of Literature and Art -- 1948-80) promoted honest creative expression of recurring central ideals not necessarily attached to any particular school or technique. fiba (FILMBANK New Cinema -- 1968-70 hard copies) explored current trends in global film-making: now currently online - connect below.

BOOKS: Alongside James Laughlin's NEW DIRECTIONS and Barney Rosset's GROVE PRESS, the ZERO Press published some of the most significant books of literature and art from NYC in the 1950s, and continues to do so from London today.AUTHORS: Pages devoted to authors and artists published by the ZERO Press.

NEW BOOKS: Adding to the books published by the ZERO Press in the past, we are proud to announce these titles to be released in 2000.

BROADCASTING: Television programs produced or presented by the ZERO Press.

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ACCESS FILMBANK: Current ZERO Press publication online (fiba).
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